Behind the pieces

Shiny Root is a brand created by multidisciplinary artist Juliette Nicaise. Each piece of jewelry is designed and carefully handcrafted by her in his studio located in Hainaut in Belgium.

The enchantment of ancient techniques

Each piece requires the attention and the intervention of various rigorous and laborious techniques.

Juliette begins by imagining and drawing a sketch of the future model in her sketchbook.

Then depending on the model, she adapts the technique to achieve it best.

This can be sculpted from wax or directly from a metal plate.

She sets her models with precious stones herself, generally diamonds.

And comes at the end of the manufacturing process: engraving.

Each piece of jewelry is made individually and meticulously, as hand engraving can't be reproduced.

She draws the design by hand on the metal and then engraves it using sharpened tools made by herself. No jewelry is identical to another, this makes your jewelry totally unique.


Shiny Root promotes small-scale crafts.

Today, as a young designer and entrepreneur, having a responsible and ethical approach is essential. Create in healthy and respectful conditions, return to the basics of things.

Juliette has the deep conviction that craftsmanship has the power to breathe soul into creations, by the simple fact that they are made from A to Z by a natural person.

In order to remain in this anti-consumerism approach, she generally works to order, to avoid unnecessary overstock and waste resources and energy.

“I believe in the power of handmade creations, advocating research and artistic expression. The beauty that lies in the intention but also in the gesture when you take pleasure in bringing your ideas to life and then sharing them.”

Material & sourcing

The gemstones are natural, ethically sourced and from conflict-free areas.

The designer has a penchant for salt and pepper diamonds which are unique in their kind. Moreover, the term “salt and pepper” refers to a diamond whose matrix has white inclusions and dark carbon deposits. These inclusions give these unique diamonds a cosmic appearance. Their color grade can range from colorless to natural black. You will not find two of these diamonds identical.

All precious metals used are recycled and guaranteed nickel-free for 925 silver.

Also the packaging is certified ecofriendly.

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