Juliette grew up in Mons in Belgium, in a family passionate about art and history. These transmissions fueled her overflowing imagination and her need for artistic expression manifested itself from an early age. She drew, painted, wrote stories, created costume clothing and jewelry for her own pleasure, but this remained occasional.

She began her artistic studies in her early twenties. By first moving towards styling. Then, she continued her studies in illustration and obtained her master's degree in Fine Arts from Tournai in Belgium. She began her career as a painter specializing in oil painting.

In 2021, Juliette is training intensively in jewelry, is passionate about the various techniques and vast possibilities that this profession offers.

Quickly, the need to draw took over and she discovered the art of hand engraving during an introductory course with a master engraver Alain Lovenberg.

She immediately trained in this ancient and meticulous technique which wonderfully combines illustration and jewelry.

Her jewelry is inspired by nature, archetypal symbols, history, design, literature, music, ancient cultures but also our modern culture.

“Driven by my inner world as well as my environment, I promote deep and authentic connections with living things. Jewelry is a way for me to celebrate these connections that we cherish or simply for ourselves. »

A powerfull symbol

Shiny Root is an ode to roots and its multiple readings.

Genealogical roots, such as personal but also cultural heritage. They connect us to our ancestral origins.

In its more symbolic sense: the root endures and always finds its way, even in the most arid and hostile places. This last interpretation particularly reminds her of her artistic as well as personal journey (which are inseparable for her).

The roots also make up the tree of life. Linking the imaginary to the concrete, the visible to the non-visible, darkness to light,…

"This rich symbol reminds me of a dreamlike world without borders, imbued in our collective memory.”